Our Team

There is no "i" in "Beard"

Joe Douglas - President and CEO


Joe Douglas developed his interest in beard technology as a young man attending prepretory school in Detroit, MI. He dreamed of a day when technology would finally catch up with his vision of a majestically-bearded America.

Today, in addition to being the founder and CEO of CompuBeard, Mr. Douglas also sits on the board of the world's leading pogonology institute, SKAeGG. His research has been integral to the efforts of Beards Without Borders in bringing facial hair to needy children all over the world.

Update: Joe wed Compubeard coordinator Elisabeth Clayton in July of 2010. The story of their meeting is chronicled in this song by Evan Flath.

Elisabeth Clayton - Beard Outreach Coordinator


A physician by training, Ms. Clayton first became interested in folicular transmogrification while in medical school at Oxford. Though her research was brilliant in its own right, she found her true calling in the world of public relations (or "beardlations" as she affectionately refers to it).

Aemon Cannon - Chief Scientist for CompuBeard R&D


For an elementary school science fair, Aemon executed the world's first successful beard transplant. Though the recipient of the transplant, his family's beloved pet chicken Funnyface, eventually rejected the beard and died of follicular complications, it was still a staggering achievment that garnered world-wide recognition. Word of the budding wunderbeard reached CompuBeard founder Joe Douglas, who took Cannon on as his protege.

At the tender age of 14, Cannon is still the youngest employee of CompuBeard. His name has appeared on over 30 beard-related patents.

As luck would have it, the cameras were rolling during Aemon's telephone interview so many years ago.

Sanam Petri - EVP, Beard Testing


Sanam Petri manages the most highly trained team of beard-pullers in the nation; nay the world; nay the history of human kind. The team tests beards based on 5 criteria:

  1. Strength
  2. Durability
  3. Color
  4. Luxuriousness
  5. Density

Evan Flath - Chief Growth Officer


Evan Flath has been with CompuBeard since interning for the company as a Junior Beard in 2004, when his moustache-selling skills caught the eye of CEO Joe Douglas. Since that date he has been instumental in expanding the brand to encompass a variety of "outside the beard" ventures, particularly the campaign to develop the Spring and Fall Olympics. He also placed third in the widely-watched second season of the television series, "Are you Stronger Than An Old Person."

Katherine Arathoon - Beard Archivist


While CompuBeard is always focused on the future of beard, we recognize that one can never forget one's past. As the old saying goes, "those who ignore history are doomed to rebeard it." To that end, Katherine Arathoon was brought onbeard to assemble a world-class library at our corporate headquarters.

In her short tenure at CompuBeard, Arathoon has identified and classified over 5,000 species of beard. In fact, the ever-popular Poughkeepisie Handlethoon bears her name.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Compubeard