Are You Stronger Than an Old Person?

Have you got what it takes? Find out this summer, when 30 lucky contestants will finally get a chance to go head to head against a handpicked team of specially trained old people. But don't be fooled: this is no ordinary competition. These extreme tests of speed and strength will finally settle the age-old debate of youth versus wisdom. Bravery versus experience. Finally separating out the youthful, glistening wheat from the old, shriveled chaff. How many will still be standing? And how much strength will it really take? There's only one way to find out: tune in to FOX Thursdays, THIS SUMMER at 5:00/6:00 EST.

And don't forget to stay tuned next fall for the debut of the new spin-off series, inspired by the original: Are You Stronger Than a Canadian Old Person?

America's Next Top Firefighter

Who will be America's Next Top Firefighter? Meet this season's contestants: 18 men who are just as hot and dangerous as the fires they fight. Get drawn in by an irresistible combination of hard-body intensity, extreme challenges, and baby rescues. And get ready to find out just what happens when untamed blazes meet the wildfires that rage within these men. Only this season -- on America's Next Top Firefighter.

America's Hottest Virgin

Watch 14 beautiful contestants compete to earn the world's most prestigious title of America's Hottest Virgin. Hosted by last year's winner, Mario Lopez, virgins from across America will be rigorously tested to determine their fortitude, will, and hymen strength. A panel of sexperts, including Dr. Richard Funkhouser, will decide each week who'll be packing their bags and who will be just one step closer to being America's Hottest Virgin.



Spring and Fall Olympics

From leaf-blowing to speed closet cleaning, the Spring and Fall Olympics will keep you on the edge of your seat all season long. Join host Peekabeard Street for the expert play-by-play, with special guests Tonya Bearding, four-time world champion in Harvesting, and Brian Beardtano, bronze gourd-hurler.



You Got Schooled: When Salmon Attack

Take a look at trailer for the new miniseries based on research funded by CompuBeard, and narrated by our own Katherine Arathoon.